Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kejriwal attacked in Lucknow

A shoe was hurled at Anna Hazare's most trusted lieutenant Arvind Kejriwal in Lucknow. Apparently pressure on the Congress party is showing. It can't be proven for sure that the incident was Congress sponsored or not, but it has every indication of being one.

After all, the Congress Party has faced a humbling defeat at all the 4 bye-elections - 1 parliamentary and 3 assembly. It has demonstrated that Anna's appeal asking voters not to vote for those who are not supporting the Jan-Lokpal Bill is getting the same public support that his campaign at Ramlila Maidan that received.

Well the pressure is showing......

Anna's campaign in Hisar works

Anna Hazare and his team's pressure campaign against the ruling Congress-led government at the center in India is on full swing.

The counting results which came on 17-Oct-2011 made it clear that the Congress party was been battered badly at all the 4 bye-polls...
  • Hisar Parliamentary Seat
  • Banswada Assembly in Andhra Pradesh
  • Daraunda Assembly in Bihar
  • Khadakwasla in Maharashtra
When Anna's team was asked why they did not wait until the Winter Session of the Parliament before moving against the ruling party, they had only one thing to say. According to them, and many people seem to agree with them, the Congress party has not act against corruption until it was put under pressure, and they hasten to add this action by Team Anna is to keep up the pressure on the ruling coalition.

One can only hope that the Congress Party sees the light of the day and does something concrete to get the Jan-Lokpal Bill moving.

Meanwhile Team Anna has shifted its pressure campaign to Lucknow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna Hazare sets eyes on the Congress

The country's leading political party, Indian National Congress (INC) or Congress Party, as it is popularly known is in the sights of Anna Hazare's as he announces the launch of next round of the protest.

Anna Hazare, today, addressed a press conference at his native village - Ralegan Siddhi, near Pune. He informed the nation that he is looking forward to the passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Winter Session of Parliament - as had been assured by the rulers of the country. He said that he would campaign against the Congress Party in the forthcoming state elections in country, if the party does not work take pro-active steps or dilly-dallys in passing the bill.

Anna Hazare has been crusading for the eradication of corruption in the country.

Right to Information (RTI) today's most powerful weapon against corruption is also the result of Anna Hazare's efforts. RTI gives the Indians information about the corrupt deeds of the babus and netas of India, and now the nation needs a powerful mechanism to investigate and prosecute the corrupt. Jan-Lokpal is Anna Hazare's answer to this.

The way the masses had thronged in support his support when he fasted at Ramlila Maidan, this warning by the anti-corruption crusader must not be taken lightly by the Congress party. One can only hope, the Congress party does not decide to tackle the issue like it has against the anti-corruption and anti-black-money workers in the recent past.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Poverty Line - Another Flip-Flop from the Government

The poverty-line affidavit submitted by the planning commission in the Supreme Court of India has become another flip-flip opportunity for the Congress led UPA Government at the center in India.

It may be recollected that the Planning Commission had submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court in September 2011 in which it had mentioned that an urban Indian needed Rs 32 per day while his rural counterpart required Rs 26 to make both ends meet. The Planning Commission had faced a lot of criticism for the poverty lines defined in the affidavit.

Now, the flip-flop specialist Government of India is once again readying itself to go back on this stand. Today after a series of meetings with representatives of the government including the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Planning Commission Chairman Montek Singh held a press conference together with Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Rural Development, in which they have stated that a new formula will be evolved to determine the poverty level -

i.e., The government is clearly once again in a mood to do a flip-flop in its stand within 2 weeks for having taken one. To support his flip-flop the government is spending crores to carry out what it is calling a Socio-Economic and Caste-Economic census