Friday, December 16, 2011

P Chidambaram - Controversy refuses to let this man alone

This year several high profile ministers resigned, many were sent to prison but still, I believe, the title of most controversial politician of this year will go to P. Chidambaram, Home Minister, Government of India.

First his name gets dragged into the multi-multi-crore 2G spectrum allocation scam of India. It is alleged that he was involved in the 2G spectrum allocation scandal. Just when the opposition had started to cool down against him, a letter from finance ministry to the prime minister's office surfaced, that too when both the finance minister and the prime minister were not in the country.

The media had gotten over this incident when it was learnt that Subramanian Swamy has been asked to present his arguement before court as to why P. Chidambaram's role in the spectrum allocation case should be investigated.

Now as the year draws to an end, the news to hit the streets against the home minister is regarding his alleged misuse of office. It seems that minister used his position as home minister to get criminal cases against one his former clients to be withdrawn.

P. Chidambaram the name will go down history as the most controversial politician of 2011.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Censorship of the Internet - Kapil Sibal's innovative idea to humiliate the government this time

Wow! How innovative!! Kapil Sibal has outdone himself. He has come up with a new idea of how to humiliate  his government.

And to think I was thinking that the government may not humiliate itself any more. How foolish of me to even think like this.

Kapil Sibal - a senior member of the Congress Party, a senior Minister in the Union Cabinet - has conceived a very innovative idea. This time he wants to control the content on the internet. He wants to apply censorship to the social networking sites.

You many wonder, what he can achieve with this? Oh! It is simple.

The government has already gained a reputation as a roll-back government. It has time and again gone back on its own announcements. Be it a simple bilateral treaty with Bangladesh or allowance of FDI in the retail sector. This time the government has decided to try its power in harnessing the internet, something that even the economical giants like US have been unable to do.

He is doing this so that the young crowd that frequents these sites are alienate against the government. He wants to ensure that the government looses the very little support it has left behind it, after the way Ramdev Baba's and Anna Hazare's agitations were handled.

The government has left no stone unturned in the last six to seven months in destroying its own credibility. It has gone to lengths to prove that it does respect the people's wishes. It does not want corruption to stop. It does not want the return of the black money from the Swiss Banks. In fact, it is even ready to prosecute those who dare to raise these issues.

Wake up, O members of the Indian Government. You may not be worried about how the international community thinks of you, but we still respect our country and would like to save its image.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Roll Back Government has Rolled Back Again

The Government of India, which has earned a reputation for itself in rolling back its own decisions has done it once again.

This time the government has rolled back its decision to allow FDI investment in the retail sector. Although the government is saying that it has put the decision on hold "until a consensus is evolved" among its allies. So it is as good as a roll-back. The government is not going to implement another one of its announcements.

With the roll back of the FDI issue, the path has now been cleared to focus back to the topic of the Jan-Lokpal Bill.

Anna Hazare has already announced a symbolic one-day protest for 11-Dec-2011, and said he is ready for another hunger strike by the end of the month if the Jan-Lokpal Bill is not passed, in accordance the PMs letter to him and the sense-of-the-parliament conveyed to him during the previous Parliament Session.

It will be interesting to see what the government does this time to humiliate itself.