Friday, October 12, 2012

Negativity over corruption - PM and his game of words

The phrase "negativity around corruption" by Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh on 11-Oct-2012 at some speech caught my attention.

He has once again demonstrated how nicely he can use words and the English language and deliver good impact to his speeches. It cannot be denied that "negativity over corruption" certainly dampens the international sentiment about this country, but I would like to know how can one be "positive around corruption".

Day-after-day, names of top business houses, high ranking government officials and senior cabinet ministers are being exposed in connection to some multi crore scam or the other.

Tell me how does one present this in a positive way?

I believe that the only way to handle this is catch the guilty and throw them behind the bars and sing loudly in the media about the punishment given to him. This is the only way how we can motivate others to keep away from the path of corruption.

Then how, yes how, can one avoid the "negativity over corruption"

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